Texas Needs to Improve Truck Productivity

Outdated trucking regulations are putting Texas and its ports at a major competitive disadvantage.

Trucking productivity in Texas is far behind most other port states, which allow higher productivity vehicles to carry sea containers to and from their ports. About a quarter of heavy haul truck shipments servicing Texas ports meet the vehicle weight limit with space left in the container – a constraint which causes fiscal and capacity challenges and stands to jeopardize the economic prosperity of Texas and its ports.

With the shale oil boom and the Panama Canal expansion project creating new opportunities, Texas needs to accommodate higher productivity vehicles in order to ensure that the state and its ports remain a competitive choice for shippers.

Our coalition supports state legislation to be introduced in 2017 that would safely increase the weight limit for six-axle trucks carrying ocean cargo shipping containers. The required additional axle provides added safety and infrastructure benefits, as most states allow five-axle trucks to carry heavier containers.

Despite being home to the second-largest port in the country, Texas’ trucking regulations simply do not match other states in issuing permits allowing higher productivity services vehicles to carry heavier shipping containers to and from ports.

Truck weight reform, enabled by technical advances such as six axle higher productivity vehicles, will help Texas ports stay competitive, now and in the future.

The Texas Coalition for transportation Productivity (TCTP) is a coalition of companies, shippers and allied associations dedicated to increasing the weight limit for vehicles carrying shipping containers in Texas.

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