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Texas is Improving Truck Productivity at its Ports

Texas Governor Greg Abbott recently signed a new law that uses truck weight reform to improve the productivity of Texas ports. The new law, backed by the Texas Coalition for Transportation Productivity, allows for the development of Port Transportation Corridors, where heavier shipping containers will move on six- and seven-axle trucks under specific permitted conditions. It takes effect in January 2018.

The new law marks a major milestone in our efforts to advance more productive trucks. It will boost the competitiveness of Texas ports, while providing the nation with significant proof that these vehicles can be safer, greener and more efficient.

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Despite being home to the second-largest port in the country, Texas’ trucking regulations simply do not match other states in issuing permits allowing higher productivity services vehicles to carry heavier shipping containers to and from ports.

Truck weight reform, enabled by technical advances such as six axle higher productivity vehicles, will help Texas ports stay competitive, now and in the future.

The Texas Coalition for transportation Productivity (TCTP) is a coalition of companies, shippers and allied associations dedicated to increasing the weight limit for vehicles carrying shipping containers in Texas.

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